Um, these s’mores Fireball shots are the stuff of dreams

Finally, someone has combined the childhood fun of making s’mores with the adulthood pleasure of drinking by creating a custom shot that is filled with delicious goodness.

The s’mores Fireball shot is, much like actual campfire ooey-gooey delicious s’mores, surprisingly easy to make. You can find the full recipe on Delish, and the ingredients are everything you’d expect to get the full s’mores taste. A marshmallow and graham cracker mix coat the rim of the shot glass itself, while the actual drink itself is a tasty mix of chocolate liqueur, vanilla schnapps, and Fireball whiskey.

While the first two alcohols obviously add the famously sweet s’mores-like flavor, the Fireball addition is somewhat surprising only because you don’t expect a little cinnamon zest in your typical s’more. But in thinking about it, it’s the Fireball that really makes the whole thing distinctly delectable (and, in doing so, helps give the shot its name). By adding a hint of cinnamon and a little tingle to the shot, really makes you warm up immediately like you would if you were right by a campfire.

Not to mention, making these shots will give you the perfect excuse to go find some adorable little mason jar shot glasses. Can you imagine giving these out as wedding favors instead of the traditional “make your own s’more” kit? And who doesn’t want an excuse to go on a search for something fun and adorable?

The only real foreseeable problem with these drinks is that they’ll be too irresistible and (much like when you’re eating s’mores themselves) you may go a bit overboard and your body will regret it. We also should warn you to definitely keep the Fireball far, far away from any real campfires you may have burning in the vicinity. But, hey, YOLO because yum yum, am I right? Oh alcohol, is there really nothing you can’t improve?

Check out the video on how to make these scrumptious shots below: