11 s’more cakes because s’mores can only be improved with cake

With autumn officially here, it makes us think of crunchy leaves, campfires, and making s’mores. We already thought s’mores were the ~perfect~ sweet snack, but then we discovered something even more revolutionary — s’more cakes because they’re s’mores, only better, like this one from the Food Network. Yup, it’s marshmallow creme and crushed graham crackers in between layer after layer of chocolate cake. Hungry yet?

Plus, even if you have nowhere to make a campfire outside to make some s’mores, you can always use your stove or a candle. (We can’t be the only ones who do this!) Just think of it as indoor camping (without all the pesky bugs — and bears! — you’d have outdoors).

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Feeling inspired by chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers all in one cake, we took to Instagram to find even more recipes for s’more cakes, because why not? Plus, a regular-sized s’more only serves one person, so why not make enough for everybody in one cake-making sitting, amirite?!

1. There are fancy s’more cakes, like this one.


2. And impressive, how-did-they-toast-the-marshmallows-just-right s’more cakes, too.


3. Then there are season-inspired s’more cakes, like this pumpkin one… that’s also vegan!


4. Even though this s’more cake’s Halloween-themed, why not imitate it and make it for Thanksgiving? After all, some people eat sweet potato pie with marshmallows baked on top, so why not just make a s’more cake instead? Or, better yet, in addition to the sweet potato pie?


5. And this one was a birthday cake, but would be perfect for that indoor camping we told you about. Btw, don’t you love the “fire” on top?! It’s ideal for this time of year!


6. Here’s yet another s’more campfire cake. How are these people so creative?!


7. If you want to make an easier DIY s’more cake, this one is very kid-friendly.


8. And if you don’t want to make a big cake, why not s’more cupcakes?!

9. S’more cake pops are ~always~ a good idea, too!

10. Of course, you can opt for a slice of s’more cake at Starbucks.

11. But, as far as I’m concerned, this one takes the cake, so to speak. Watch and be impressed.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some baking to do!