It’s time for some smooshy cats on glass!

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Cat!

(Reddit: woutomatic)

2. It’s common for cats to have pride in their tufty paws. 

(tumblr: how-many-ways)

3. This feline is in prime squishy-mode. 

(Reddit: Somnioblivio)

4. Up-Close Grooming: Uncut And Extreme!

(Reddit: Lobo2ffs)

5. Fun fact: cats are both liquid and solid. 

(Reddit: Lobo2ffs)

6. These rounded paws are too cute to not be on display. 

(Reddit: Lobo2ffs)

7. Cats really shouldn’t hide their bellies from admiring eyes. 

(Reddit: royal-baby)

8. The best angle for admiring that strong chin … s. 

(Reddit: Lobo2ffs)

9. An ideal place for dainty paws to have a think. 


10. Tiny tongues are the best tongues. 

(Reddit: Lobo2ffs)

11. A perfect peek. 


12. Absorb the majesty of pudgy paws. 

(Reddit: Lobo2ffs)

13. Enjoy the zen and tranquility of Hover Cat. 

(Reddit: Chispy)