Smokestack hair is the new mermaid hair, just FYI

If pastel My Little Pony-colored hair seems a little too, well, summery for the cooler months ahead, fear not! There’s a new, technicolor answer to the shifting seasons.

Smokestack hair – where the stylist splits your hair into layers and dyes each section in a gradient – is the awesome new answer to the lighter, brighter colors of summer (and is, coincidentally, designed by the same hair color company, Pravana).

Vadre Grigsby is the colorist behind the invention, named after the different plumes of smoke that come out of a smokestack.

In a video by hair company Pravana, we see how each section of hair, starting with the pieces closest to the nape of the neck, are dyed in a deep hue – in this case, a moody blackish-purple. The hair is then divided into another 5 sections, each one a slightly different shade of purple, ranging from periwinkle to nearly grey-black.

The lightest color, a pale lavender shade, frames the face.

We love the look, which just screams fashion blogger, but shudder to think how much bleaching was needed to make sure the hair looked perfectly purple.

Check out the video below and see if you’re ready to go full smokestack…

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