Smith Jerrod from “Sex and the City” has an Instagram, and he’s now older and maybe even hotter?

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha dated too many hot guys to accurately keep track of them after all these years. But there’s no way we could forget one super hunky blonde fella. Smith Jerrod from Sex and the Citywas hot then, and he’s quite possibly even hotter now.

Smith, played by actor Jason Lewis, was one of Samantha’s boyfriends who seemed utterly perfect on the inside…and on the outside. He may have had the perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair and a billboard over Times Square, but he was also a complete romantic. Remember when he shaved his head to support Samantha after her cancer diagnosis?

Yeah, he was dreamy and the pretty much the perfect guy.

Well, it’s been 13 years since Sex and the City ended (the show, not the movies), and Smith has officially reentered our lives. We owe a huge thanks to Pretty52 for spotting Lewis’s Instagram account. Although Samantha may have let Smith get away, we certainly refuse to allow that to happen to us again.

Lewis is every bit as gorgeous as he was back in the day, and clearly gets better with age.

Here are some examples. You’re welcome.

Is this guy adventurous/athletic or what?

Oh, hi, and he’s a dog lover AND his hair is still long and luxurious.

And he votes. We don’t know who he voted for, but we respect that he did his civic duty.

Also, he’s hilarious.

He’s still working as an actor. In fact, he’s currently plays Joe Strong on the NBC show Midnight, Texas.

So yeah, we’re still on the Smith/Lewis train and don’t plan on hopping off anytime soon.

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