Finally, a dating website for people who haven’t showered

For those of us who are unhappily single, it can sometimes feel we’ve tried every trick in the book to find that special someone. If connecting over movies, books, or coffee has never panned out, there’s still one more thing you can try: smell.

Smell Dating is the creation of artists Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne, and works to match people up based on smell. Specifically, their smell after having not showered for three days. Really.

While the process may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s probably the most basic measure of attraction that exists. For $25, the participant gets a t-shirt, wears it for 72 consecutive hours, and sends it back. They’re then sent the t-shirts of ten other participants who also haven’t showered, and sniff away.

You might already be gagging, but on the off-chance that the participants smell something they like, they let Smell Dating know. Those who match will get each other’s phone numbers.

Smell Dating doesn’t give any information about sex, sexual orientation, hobbies, or even regular hygeine habits. If there’s a match, it’s up the participant to make it happen.

There are some restrictions: The service is, thus far, limited to 100 participants and they have to be based in New York City. It might seem a little bit gross, but who knows? People have found love in weirder ways.

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