Smashbox has just come out with the most bananas lipstick launch ever

Smashbox is more than just their range of cult-favorite primers. They recently expanded their lipstick collection to include a whopping 120 shades. To celebrate #BeLegendary120, Smashbox is offering an epic deal: Buy two lipsticks, get one free. (Pretty necessary if you’re into an ombré lip which takes about three shades to create.)

Even better, Smashbox is hosting multiple giveaways on their site, provided you beat their lipstick game. Every day four winners score a full-sized lipstick and twelve people will receive the entire collection of lipsticks.

All 120, I mean CAN YOU IMAGINE the epic try-on session you could do on Insta Stories?

Warning, the game isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to match each shade to the IRL pic but you only have five passes for any incorrect selection. (Use those hints, guys.)


Even if you aren’t an instant winner, you’ll get a code to get a sample of their 3D lipstick creations. According to Refinery29, on October 31st Smashbox will allow you to choose your favorite shade and turn it into any kind of design you desire, which will then be transferred to a portable lip color compact.


Hopefully Smashbox will start to sell these (and more) 3D lipsticks. I could go for one in the shape of Blue Ivy, but that might be asking a bit much.