Smashbox teamed up with the internet’s favorite bruja, The Hoodwitch, on a magickal makeup collection

Courtesy of Smashbox Cosmetics

Beauty and magick have always complemented each other. In many ways, the ritual of a spell is parallel to the act of a beauty routine: steps are performed and repeated with care and attention to bring about beauty, positivity, and a loving sense of self.

In recent years, we’ve seen more marrying of the two, thanks to an explosive interest in mysticism and self-care. Several brands have tapped into the hybrid trend, releasing crystal-infused makeup and skin care products (some even facing accusations of witchcraft appropriation), but none have collaborated with a legit bruja. That is, until now. Smashbox teamed up with Bri Luna, the woman behind The Hoodwitch, a community, website, and shop dedicated to “creating everyday magic for the modern mystic,” on a makeup collection. Since launching in 2014, Luna has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, becoming a respected authority in the magickal space.

The seven-product Crystalized collection includes crystal-infused and -charged products such as primer water, liquid eyeshadow, primer/moisturizer, lip gloss, shimmer drops, highlighter, and an eyeshadow palette. There are 16 pieces total, all featuring clever, Hoodwitch-style names complete with magickal puns, like Sage My Name, Light Twerker, Mystic Opportunity, and Moonstoned. The collection launched this past week exclusively at Ulta and on

Those who have followed Luna for years knew it was only a matter of time before she announced a major collaboration with a cosmetics brand. She is famous for her “stiletto-shaped nails holding massive crystals” aesthetic, which inspired a collab with indie nail polish brand Floss Gloss in 2015. Luna is also a licensed esthetician and worked as a professional makeup artist before starting The Hoodwitch. Clearly, a beauty collection was a natural next step.

When Smashbox reached out to Luna on Instagram two years ago, she thought the message was fake at first and ignored it. After realizing it was real, she took a meeting with the brand. “During those meetings, hearing the reasons why they wanted to work with me felt completely in alignment to all of my passions,” Luna tells HelloGiggles. “I love makeup; I’ve done smaller beauty collaborations before with Floss Gloss, but this was something completely next-level and I was beyond excited. I loved everything that the company stood for and decided to go with it.”

Luna, a self-described “type-A” personality, was heavily involved in the development of the collection, frequently traveling between Smashbox’s studio in L.A. and her home in Seattle. “I flew down to L.A. to their studio back and forth for almost two years to smell the product scents, see the designs, and really make sure everything within the collection felt authentic to me, my audience and, most importantly, upheld the integrity of my brand,” Luna says.

During her frequent visits, Luna carried giant bags of crystals to use as references. “TSA was sick of me,” she laughs. The collection revolves around many of the stones Luna works with on the regular: rose quartz, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, lapis, clear quartz, spirit quartz, angel aura, and pyrite. These crystals were chosen for “all of their unique healing properties and how they’ve all collectively transformed my life.”


The collection is more than just makeup to Luna, who calls every item her “dream child.” She describes the pieces as “tangible forms of ideas” that she wanted to manifest into reality. “I wanted to include small mantras in the packaging, words and phrases that really inspired me throughout the process of creating each individual item,” Luna says. In fact, each package contains a “Makeup Mantra.” So, for example, when you open up the box containing the Crystalized Highlighter, there’s a little instruction printed on the inner flap that asks you to sweep the highlighter onto your skin and say, “I am radiant and powerful!”

Luna’s goal with her Smashbox collab ultimately goes beyond pretty makeup. “My biggest hope is to honestly inspire others in this world not to limit themselves. To show them that you can stay authentic and true to your vision with collaborating with larger brands without compromising who you are,” she says. “As a practicing witch who utilizes crystals in her everyday life and in ritual, there are ways of offering this wisdom without being exploitive or disingenuous. Especially as a WOC and a small business owner, I want other people to see that their visions can become realities when they truly believe in themselves and create something that truly reflects who they are without compromising themselves.”

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