A “Smash” reboot might happen, because the musical theater gods have clearly been reading our dream journal

NBC’s Broadway-themed musical drama Smash only lasted two seasons, but it will live forever in fans’ hearts. Even since its cancellation, Smash has become something of a cult hit. Now, there might be a Smash reboot for the stage. But will it be a true Smash reboot, or could the musical-within-a-musical be in the works? Even NBC isn’t sure!

NBC chairman of Entertainment Bob Greenblatt revealed that Smash reboot could be in the works for Broadway… maybe.

In the NBC show, Katharine McPhee’s character lands the lead role in Bombshell, a fictional musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. As Vulture reminds us, a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 saw the Bombshell musical come to life for *one night only,* but that was the last of Smash reboot news. Until now!

According to Variety, Greenblatt said the following, and he was *not* joking:

"We’ve been thinking about different ways to think about a stage musical based on ‘Bombshell’ or ‘Smash'. That’s all I’ll say. There’s an incarnation which could sort of combine both...You may not have seen the last of Smash yet. I think the next incarnation will be on stage.

The key takeaway here: There aren’t any official details about a Smash reboot. However, the president of NBC Entertainment hesitating to say more about it? It’s definitely safe to take this as a good sign. Commence happy dancing!

Just, you know. Don’t trip over any of your massive Debra Messing-style theatre lady scarves while you do it.

Whether it’s Bombshell or a legit adaptation of the show, a Smash reboot for the stage would be so delightful. The big question, though, is will original star Katharine McPhee be able to be a part of it? She just joined the cast of Waitress on Broadway, and that’s not a short-term gig. Also, will Debra Messing be a part of it at all? We’ve been missing those crazy, terrible, amazing scarves in our lives. Let’s just hope for more news ASAP.