This new app is going to forever change how you take pictures

According toThe Verge, “photo-sharing has been a Silicon Valley obsession for more than half a decade.” It’s also been our constant obsession for quite some time as well. An obsession that just got way easier to organize and work with.

But before we get into the new smartphone app that’s about to change your life (and the way you take and share photos), let’s talk about picture-taking. Hundreds of millions of photos are shared on Facebook every day — more than 350 million, as reported by the social network’s last count. Whether it’s a selfie, an Instagram, or simple party/vacationphoto, capturing and forever freezing even the most minor momentary occurrences in our daily lives has never been more easy. Or fun. We love our friends and our family and our pets, and we love taking lots and lots of pictures with them. But the problem for many of us is that dozens of these photos never seem to make it off our smartphones. And that just kind of takes all the fun out of it.

And we get it —photo-sharing is a more than p-a-i-n-f-u-l process. There’s the task of uploading the pictures, or syncing them to the Cloud. There’s the need to organize and create albums, to identify and tag and then slowly share amongst all the pretty people within the image. Don’t even get me started on the various privacy issues —or acquaintances who aren’t shy about asking, “Will you send that to me,” or “Will you post that so I can have it?” I mean, gah, the process!

As if that weren’t enough, it’s sometimes a drag to even get a hold of that group photo you so desperately want —unless you want to stand flashing a frozen grin for ten minutes straight as each and every one of your friends snaps the same exact picture onto their camera roll. Well, all of that’s about to change. Facebook has (finally) rolled out a snazzy new photo solution that’s going to make photo-sharing an easier, breezier, and much more beautiful process!

On Monday, Facebook unveiled a new standalone app that enables users to sync photos with their friends. The app, aptly called Moments, was developed by the Creative Labs team, and it’s the perfect and private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you didn’t take. The app groups the photos on your phone based on when they were taken and, by using facial recognition technology (the same algorithms currently used to suggest tags for photos uploaded to Facebook), which friends are in them. Users then have the option of syncing the photo with a few selected friends or sharing it more widely across an entire social network.

Basically, this miracle-maker’s an awesome time-saver that’s one part photo storage, one part auto-syncing, and another part private sharing — all with some majorly impressive facial recognition features. It’s powerful. It’s accurate. It’ll make sharing group photos a nearly painless process. “The sharing on Moments is really different from sharing in other apps — it’s a much more private kind of sharing with specific friends. I think it has a space to stand on its own,” Facebook’s Product Manager Will Ruben stated.

Moments launches today in the US on iOS and Android, and will be rolling out to more countries over time. And we’re ALL over it.

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