A “smartphone for women” exists and it’s majorly offensive

Oh, boy. Where to begin with this one.

Chinese tech company Shenzhen Yi Shengyuan has created a “smartphone for women,” and it’s exactly as offensive as you think.

The Keecoo K1 comes stocked with a camera that smooths and refines the skin—for “selfie enthusiasts,” the company says, despite the fact that studies have found that men actually take more selfies than women—and its small size and hexagonal shape are designed with the “small hands of women” in mind. The company’s website also showcases the phone next to makeup, tomatoes (?!) and a decorative wreath—so you know they really get what women want.



Yes, this hot pink monstrosity incorporates just about every gender stereotype you can think of.

As if the company’s sexist marketing scheme wasn’t bad enough, the phone isn’t even high quality. Engadget reports that the K1 is stuck on the last version of Android—Lollipop—and the selfie-specific rear camera, at eight megapixels, is nowhere near as good as the Samsung Galaxy S7’s impressive 12 megapixel lens.

Here’s hoping the Amazon reviewers who took on Bic’s ridiculous pens “for her” will come for the Keecoo K1—ASAP.