This is how you use your smartphone to make a 3D hologram

Holograms are fascinating. It’s pretty mind-boggling how a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser can even exist. But it does, and you can make one from the comfort of you own home, because technology. Holograms have come a long way since ’90s hologram bookmarks.

A group of researchers in Japan recently used powerful, ultra-quick lasers to create holograms that can physically be felt and respond to human touch. And earlier this year, Stephen Hawking appeared at “An Evening with Stephen Hawking” at the Sydney Opera House, except he wasn’t even in Australia — he was at home. He told the audience, “Although I would love to be there in person, the idea of being the first person to appear as a hologram on the stage at the Opera House was too good an offer to refuse.” And let’s not forget Tupac’s 2012 posthumous appearance at Coachella, as well as the promise of Patsy Cline and Selena holograms.

But 3D holograms are no longer just for scientists, Stephen Hawking and Tupac — they’re for anyone with a smartphone and a solid understanding of science — or at least the ability to follow relatively easy instructions from a how-to YouTube video.

YouTube user Mrwhosetheboss created an awesome tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a hologram with your smartphone and a few other simple supplies.

He instructed that you’ll need graph paper, a CD case, tape or super glue, a pen, scissors, a smartphone and a knife or glass cutter.

You’ll start by drawing a rhombus shape (although many of the commenters are suggesting it’s a trapezoid). Side note: it’s totally reasonable to Google both of these shapes in case it’s been a while since geometry class.

The next step is to take off the sides of the plastic CD case, because they’ll just be in the way. Using a knife or glass cutter, trace around the template of the shape, then tape the sides together to create a 3D version of the shape. Load this video specifically made for holograms on your smartphone, place the shape on the screen of the phone, turn off the lights and then boom — you have your very own homemade hologram. And that’s pretty incredible.

Here’s the tutorial:

Featured image via YouTube

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