#SmartGirlsAsk is giving female celebs REAL questions on the Emmys red carpet and we’re loving the responses

Oh, our hearts are SO warm and fuzzy, because feminism is alive and well at tonight’s Emmys thanks to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls! They challenging the BS questions female celebs get asked on the reg (you know, about diet, or their shoes, or their hair, because that’s the only thing us ~gals~ care about!) by asking real questions, and it’s not just beautifully feminist — by mixing it up, these amazing girls are allowing us to learn more about our faves. How cool is that?!

#SmartGirlsAsk is treating female celebs, well, like humans.


Amy Poehler got things kicked off.

And reminded us of the loveliness of our weird quirks!

Mandy Moore talked super powers.

So, so hilarious.

The amazing Yara Shahidi talked storytelling.

Ugh, we love her so much!

Kristen Bell talked happiness.

Yes, yes, and yes. Here’s to more time focused on being happy!

And Anika Noni Rose talked female directors, like TG!

We need WAY more female directors, that’s for sure!

We’re feeling so inspired by these AMAZING ladies, both the interviewers, and the interviewees. You go, girls! Here’s to a world where the complexity of women, our thoughts, and our intelligence is centered on the reg instead of seen as less important than what we wear, or how we look.


While there’s nothing wrong with a good pair of shoes (we’re the last to judge other women for their interests!), there’s also nothing wrong with engaging with female celebs and the women in our everyday lives like we’re human. Because we are!

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