And now, for the smartest ring ever invented

We’ve wanted a Ringly ever since the fabulous piece of smart jewelry was announced. The wearable device, disguised as a beautiful gem stone ring, syncs with your phone to light up and vibrate when you have a notification. With the introduction of the limited edition Ringly, a beautiful deep blue hue titled Out to Sea, now is the perfect time to get one.

“All of our stones tell the story of moments in life where I wished I could feel a little less attached to my phone,” Christina Mercando, Ringly’s founder and CEO told Mashable. “Out to Sea was inspired by a fall boat trip, so I chose a deep blue lapis gemstone to remind me of the ocean that day.”

The beauty of Ringly, besides its fine craftsmanship, is that you don’t have to feel so tethered to your phone. The ring isn’t a replacement for a calendar, but using Bluetooth technology, a gentle buzz will serve as a reminder of that meeting—all without having to keep your phone glued to your hand, which inevitably leads to distraction. It allows you to be more detached, but still available. Plus, it’s super beautiful.

Using the Ringly app, you can set up and customize notifications about phone calls, texts, calendar alerts and more. Apps that work with Ringly include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, eBay, Tinder and Net-A-Porter. Choose one or choose ‘em all, then customize to your heart’s content.

The limited edition Out to Sea Ringly features a beautiful pyramid-cut gemstone with an 18K matte gold plating. Each gem is hand cut and one-of-a kind, featuring unique gold accents.

Ringly is also available in Stargaze (black onyx), Daydream (rainbow moonstone), Into the Woods (emerald) and Dive Bar (tourmalated quartz. Each runs $195 (except for Into the Woods, which is $260) and supports both iOS and Android users.

(Featured image via Ringly)


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