We need this smart water bottle that can tell how hydrated you are

We all grow up hearing the maxim “you should drink eight glasses of water a day,” but as Samantha Lefave points out for Fitness“What you actually need varies all the time based on your workout routine, sleep habits, where you live, how much you weigh, and more.” After all, an Olympic gymnast is going to need to drink a lot more water than, say, a teenager stuck in a classroom all day. So how do you know how much to drink each day?

Thanks to the geniuses at Pryme Vessyl, we don’t have to worry. The “intelligent” cup was developed by former Apple and NIKE/Jordan designers, and, according to the Pryme Vessyl blog:

Sounds pretty next-gen to us! And useful. The cup lights up with lines that rise and fall based on your current hydration needs. Owners of Apple Watches can have reminders such as,”Just a few more sips and you’ll reach your Pryme” sent to your their watches, and more in-depth progress reports are housed in the Pryme Vessyl app, available for all smart phones. Even the reminders are pretty:


Never has drinking water been so fun! Not to mention, informative.

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