Miss how small your iPhone used to be? Well, this next update is for you

I’ll admit it: I’ve been mocking the new 6 and 6S iPhones. I mean, they’re so big. While my dad loves his — he can finally see the tiny words on the screen! — his phone keeps falling out of his pocket because it’s just too large. Whenever I see one out in the wild I feel like the owner might as well have an iPad Mini (or a PADD).

Well, according to a new report by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to show off a new 4-inch iPhone in March. (Perfect — that’s right in time for my wedding. Can I register for it?) The new “iPhone 5SE” will be an upgraded version of the 5S we know and love. (SE stands for “special edition.”) The handset will have the same curved glass display, A8 chip, and rear-facing camera as the iPhone 6. It will also support Apple Pay and be able to shoot Live Photos. The iPhone 5SE will be available in the same color varieties as the usual iPhone 6S, including a rose gold version. I wants it!

Gurman claims Apple will likely introduce the handset at an event in March with the new iPhone going on sale at the end of March or early April. Once the iPhone 5SE hits markets, Apple will stop selling the iPhone 5S. The new Apple 5SE will cost the same as the 5S. That’s a relief, usually “special edition” means “get ready to empty your bank account,” and iPhones are pricy enough.

This latest report follows a wave of similar rumors that suggest Apple has been working on a newer, smaller, iPhone. Though the success, particularly in China, of larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus helped make 2015 Apple’s “best year ever,” there is significant demand for smaller devices. I mean, some of us don’t carry purses and have to lug those behemoths around by hand! Gurman notes that Apple is likely hoping the 4-inch iPhone 5SE will help encourage people who haven’t yet upgraded their cells to buy a new device. This, in turn, could help ease investors’ anxiety that demand for the iPhone is weakening.

I’m already choosing colors for my new upgrade. I think I’m going for Rose Gold. I’ve been a silver girl all my life, but I think it’s time for a change.

(Image via Hadrian / Shutterstock.com)