#SluttyGirlFears is the sex-positive hashtag the world needs

Come one, come all, and join in on the latest discussion regarding female sexuality and pleasure. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that women love sex as much as, or more than, men. Each person will feel and define sex differently, but that’s the idea: We are all entitled to pleasure, no matter who we are. The thing is, women’s pleasure, kinks, and sexual habits are still shamed and considered taboo. And this is why British sex and relationships blogger Oloni decided to coin the hashtag #SluttyGirlFears.

This hashtag is starting a conversation for all the sex lovin’ ladies out there, while breaking down the stigma surrounding the word “slut.”

In an interview with Dazed, Oloni explains why she started the hashtag. She says,

“I wanted women to have the conversation, so they could see that a lot of our sexual situations are very relatable. #SluttyGirlFears is about reclaiming the word 'slut' or 'hoe' and allowing people to see that we don't give a fuck anymore. We like sex and perhaps maybe more than men. It's weird, because we're still being led to believe that women are incapable of being extremely sexually active with kinks and fetishes, which is a lie. The hashtag shows you that.


The hashtag invites women to reveal things they usually wouldn’t talk about, especially online.

They’re sharing their fears surrounding sexuality, society’s expectations around how they should behave, about what’s morally acceptable, and more. The irony? So many of us can’t even RT what we want because we can’t share that side of ourselves with our followers, some of whom are employers or relatives. false

But that’s also why this hashtag is so important. We should all be able to have conversations surrounding what we do and don’t want in a sexual relationship with not only our friends, but also with our partners.

The problem is it’s still hard, especially when it comes to not feeling judged for what we like or want.


Even though Oloni started the hashtag, and conversation last Thursday, we have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg. The more conversations we have surrounding sex, pleasure, and yes, our related fears, the closer we’ll be to breaking the stigma surrounding female sexuality.