Just some of the craziest Slurpee flavors, ranked

There’s a brand new Slurpee flavor on the block, Faygo Rock & Rye. For those scratching their heads at this Slurpee name, it’s basically a vanilla creme soda (by Michigan-based Faygo soday company) and it even has a subtle cherry finish. Like a fine wine, right? Faygo’s brand of pop has been made crazy famous by the Insane Clown Posse. But you don’t have to be a Juggalo to appreciate the glory that is Slurpee’s new flavor (seriously it sounds delish), you just have to live in Michigan or Ohio, where the new flavor is exclusively available. Bummer for the rest of us, I know.

But here’s a happy thought: Slurpee is ALWAYS introducing super-random flavors. You’ve just got to pay attention. Wait, how super-random are those flavors, you ask? Here’s a list of the weirdest crushed ice beverages we’d absolutely taste-test for the sake of science.

7. Frawg

It’s the color of a frog, it’s the flavor of a green apple (or a green apple Jolly Roger) and it’s 100% a thing. Really.

6. Full Throttle Frozen Fury

You know the energy drink? It was that with waaaaaay more ice. After one of those giant cups, you aren’t sleeping for a while.

5. Candy Cane

Um, yes please. A peppermint Slurpee for winter time? Sign us up, and make it available all year round. We can’t find any pictorial proof of this concoction but according this “official list” of Slurpees, the flavor did, in fact, exist.

4. Honeycomb

This flavor was only available in Australia back in the ’90s. I’m going to guess it wasn’t like the cereal, and instead had more of just a general honey taste. But a Honeycomb cereal Slurpee might actually be interesting. Get on that, Slurpee geniuses.

3. StawberrWii Banana

As you can probably guess, this Slurpee was strawberry and banana—and Wii flavored. Yes, the gaming console. Don’t ask.

2. Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla

This Slurpee was actually a tie-in with The Simpsons Movie. Its flavor was just plain vanilla. But it was blue! And you could yell “Woo Hoo!” after you drank it all!

1. Liquid Artillery

Here’s another tie-in, this time for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. These badboys had a kick of strawberry, pineapple, and lime to them. So you could chug one, and then go fight Cobra Commander, naturally.

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