And now here’s a video of a very awesome slow-motion underwater explosion

Why are we obsessed with watching events unfold in slow motion? Because as wonderful as the human eye is, in some situations, it’s just not capable of delivering the whole truth and nothing but the truth to our brains, which is why watching slow-motion underwater explosions has completely blown our minds.

First of all, anything happening underwater should command your attention, being a boring old land creature and all. We’re guessing that’s why The Slow Mo Guys decided to go the wet route with their latest speed-manipulating exploit. (If you’re not already familiar with The Slow Mo Guys, you should immediately slow your roll and get into their amazing videos.)

So, for the underwater magic, the guys placed a firecracker in a fish tank and lit it. While the real-time result was predictably meh, the slow-mo outcome was strangely beautiful:


And here’s the full video, which features more than one fascinating explosion:

Pretty friggin’ cool, right? If we didn’t already know this took place in a fish tank, this could easily be mistaken for the aftermath of an intergalactic space battle.