Heart burst: These are sloths taking a bath and hanging up to dry

Sorry, guys. This will probably be my last article for HelloGiggles because I’m retiring to pursue my new dream of becoming a groomer for baby sloths. I’ll bet you didn’t know that was a thing. (Or else I’m guessing it would be your dream, too.) We didn’t know it was a thing either until we saw the video below, and now we can’t stop crying from the sheer adorableness of tiny baby sloths getting bathed and hung up to dry. Yes! They get HUNG UP TO DRY. Stop it, baby sloths. Stop it right now. We can’t handle this level of cute on a Monday.

This video was taken at the Aviarios Del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica where Wednesdays are “bath days.” These aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill baths either. The babies get shampooed and then they soak in a tea leaf mixture to prevent parasites. It’s basically a day at the sloth spa. And wait until you hear the sounds a baby sloth makes. Just wait. How on earth have I lived this long without knowing about baby sloth sounds? HOW?! It’s like candy for your ears.

What happens at the end of a nice day at the sloth spa? The babies, all fluffy and clean, get to munch on their favorite treat. Hibiscus flowers. Because the adorable just doesn’t stop when you’re a baby sloth. You are literally so cute that you eat flowers.

I can’t with this. I just can’t. BRB, going to stuff my pockets with hibiscus flowers and move to Costa Rica.

[Image and video via YouTube.]