We had no idea sloths could swim, but this *epic* video proves otherwise

Attention fans of Planet Earth (both the TV show and the actual planet)! The world’s most beautiful and captivating documentary series is back. BBC has finally released the first official trailer for the highly anticipated Planet Earth II, and from what we can tell, it’s everything we hoped it would be.

Partly because David Attenborough’s dreamy/earthy voice is back as the narrator, partly because we never feel as connected to our planet as we do when watching Planet Earth, but mostly because OMG SLOTHS CAN SWIM!?!?

The trailer highlights some of the most magnificent animals in their natural habitat being gorgeous and awesome. And you guys, that includes one adorable sloth who happens to be a really good swimmer.


Considering that sloths can only move six to eight feet per minute and only leave their tree homes once a week to use the bathroom on the ground, we are pleasantly surprised to learn that our favorite furry, slow-moving friends have the ability to swim.

But you guys, sloths don’t just have the ability to swim, they are actually excellent swimmers, according to Live Science. To get to rivers to take a dip, sloths will drop themselves off of branches into the water — because they’re lazy and geniuses. (And they’re super humble about being really good at the breaststroke.) Plus, modern sloths live in Central and South America, so that means there are plenty of warm rivers for them to hang out in.

A release date for Planet Earth II hasn’t been announced, but as long as BBC continues to release trailers that involve swimming sloths and other ridiculously stunning animals, we can wait as long as we need to.

Here’s the trailer in its entirety:


Still in shock, tbh. Because sloths can apparently swim?!?!?