Now you can have a sleepover with a sloth, and sign us up

If you’re a major fan of sloths, you’re about to be really happy. Why? Because the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center in Rainier, Washington, is now letting you have a sleepover with a sloth at their sloth sanctuary. We don’t know about you, but we think the phrase “sloth sleepover” conjures up instant euphoria. Sloths are just so hilariously wonderful.

Apparently, sloths are more active during the night than they are during the day. And now, you can experience that sluggish cuteness firsthand. From around 8 p.m. until 7 a.m., you can hang at the center and watch them move very slowly around their habitat. The center will even set up tents inside the habitat, so you can nap close to sloths while they also nap (which they do for 22 hours a day, apparently).

If you’re really lucky, you might also get the chance to feed the sloths small cucumbers. This is probably the most adorable thing we can think of. And at the end of the sleepover, you get a sloth T-shirt! Bonus!

Of course, this incredible experience comes with a price: a whopping $600 a night for two people. But, the proceeds are going right back into the sloth sanctuary and the conservation center itself, which works to preserve endangered species.

According to their website, the center “is not a for public entertainment ‘zoo’ and only offers guests access through a highly limited number of guided educational programs.” So you know you’re getting a special experience.

We know one person who is probably itching to sign up: Kristen Bell.

Bell, if you remember, absolutely adores sloths. She basically had a meltdown on The Ellen Show just recounting a story when Dax Shepard brought her a sloth to play with on her birthday.

Honestly, we would pay just to see a documentary of Bell’s trip to the sloth sanctuary. Can we make this happen?

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