Okay guys, this sloth really wants to get it on

We’re well aware that it’s voting day, but not everything can be about politics right? Sometimes, we just need to check out what’s going on in the weirdly wonderful sloth world!

And according to Cosmo, this sloth from Planet Earth II is horny.

It’s no secret that sloths are pretty freaking cute. Remember when we discovered 15 subtly adorable ways to cover yourself in sloths? Or those hilariously wonderful sloth tattoos? Yup, they are fascinating creatures that also happen to be wildly entertaining. Especially when they’re trying to pursue a hot romance.

So, the pygmy three-toed sloth in Planet Earth II is looking to get hitched with a lady sloth mate, but the one he has his eye on is already taken!


Worse, she has a baby. Ouch. Dating is hard guys!

But don’t worry. As you can see in this clip narrated by the amazing Sir Richard Attenborough, the male sloth keeps a good attitude in the face of rejection — even after he swam through all those mangroves.

"Even life on a paradise island can have its limitations."

There’s something so endearing about Attenborough’s voice. He makes you want to watch the clip multiple times, and then you realize you’re sitting there on a Tuesday morning, repeatedly watching a sloth trying to get some.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s kind of an anxiety-ridded day, so why not watch some sloth videos? Guaranteed to ease any tension and give you that much-needed breather.