Sleepy otter does not appreciate being woken up, is all of us in the morning

A new video posted to LiveLeak has perfectly captured our early morning vibe in all of its awkward, grumpy, sleep-drived glory.

The star of this here video is an otter who apparently is just as sleepy as he is adorable. He’s chilling out on his back, catching some ZZZ’s while he floats off the coast of Alaska (as one does). Then along comes a boat, which the otter doesn’t hear AT ALL because he’s deep in the REM stage, probably dreaming about a giant seafood buffet (or whatever it is that otters dream about). One of the boat passengers snaps a few pics with his cell phone which, in my opinion, is a mild violation of napping etiquette. (Do you like it when people take pics of you sleeping and post them on IG? Yeah. Didn’t think so.)

But then the boater takes things too far. He pokes the sleepy otter in the belly. Just a gentle poke, mind you. But still. It’s enough to startle the otter out of his sleep in a really big way. A massive amount of flailing and embarrassment ensues. I may not know what otters dream about, but I know enough about them to know when one is mortified. And this one is.

Not cool, random dude on boat. Not cool.

We feel you, sleepy otter. Take heart. This week is half over and the weekend is on its way.

[Image via Shutterstock. Video via LiveLeak.]