Sleeping naked is actually good for you and here’s exactly why

We’re still in the dog days of summer, which means the fewer clothes the better, especially when you’re trying to get some shuteye.


Turns out that sleeping in the buff also has some major health benefits. Elite Daily reports that according to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, your body temperature decreases during deep sleep, and wearing pajamas can actually alter your body’s natural temperature and negatively impact your sleep cycle. The key chemical here is cortisol, which maintains core body temperature. When disrupted, it can cause anxiety, overeating, and weight gain.


In addition to cortisol, Life Hack notes that sleeping naked helps maintain your body’s melatonin and growth hormone levels by maintaining a body temperature of less than 70 degrees. This prevents signs of aging and maintains overall health. Sleeping naked is also good for your skin because it gives areas that are typically restricted time to air out, including armpits, private parts, and feet. For ladies, it helps prevent yeast infections by reducing the warm, moist conditions that can cause them.

Beyond the general health sense, it can also be pretty arousing to sleep naked, especially with a partner — plus, it puts you in good form for sex, if you so please. Not to mention, cuddling in the buff helps release oxytocin, the feel-good chemical. All of these are major confidence boosters.


Also, can we say it’s just way easier to sleep naked. No fussy pajamas, no uncomfortable underwear. Just you in your birthday suit, no effort required.

What more convincing do you need? Shed those clothes and get sleeping!

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