Sleater-Kinney’s post-Women’s March show included a cover with Planned Parenthood’s president

Many of us were formally introduced to Cecile Richards after she repped and rallied for Planned Parenthood in a House of Representatives hearing. Facing off against mostly men, Richards was unwavering in her support for the organization of which she’s president and the tireless and important work of all reproductive justice advocates.

All that said, even the president of Planned Parenthood needs to blow off steam sometimes. And in the wake of this weekend’s inauguration and massive Women’s March, Richards found a way:

At the post-march Planned Parenthood benefit in D.C., she joined Sleater-Kinney and other musicians on stage for a cover of Creedance Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son.”

Matt Berninger (of the band The National, which co-headlined the event) and Dave Longstreth (of the band Dirty Projectors) joined the women on stage. It was a reliably kickass performance from a reliably kickass group. Hell, it’s bold just to get on stage with the women of Sleater-Kinney and try to hold your own.

Of course, we’ve been placing a lot of focus on Planned Parenthood these days. And while this organization has done a lot for me personally and for millions of people across the country, here are some other reproductive justice-boosting orgs that could use a shout and a dollar: