This video of skydivers swinging from hot air balloons will excite your inner daredevil

In the latest edition of Watch What Happens When You’re Not a Couch Potato, allow me to present this insane video of skydivers swinging from hot air balloons that will most certainly leave your stomach in knots. It totally looks like a scene from MTV’s The Challenge, minus the dramatic reality star lineup.

This death-defying stunt comes courtesy of Red Bull’s Skydive Team, four daredevils who are clearly too good to relax on an old-school swing set that, you know, ACTUALLY TOUCHES THE GROUND. Oh no, that’s mere child’s play, they said. Instead, why not take a 125-meter rope and attach it to two hot air balloons at 1,800 meters in the sky and call it Mega Swing, because that sounds like a totally normal thing to do.


Seriously, it looks like I’ve been had. All this time I thought the entire point of going up in a hot air balloon was to actually ride in it, but apparently, I couldn’t have been more wrong about this.

Ugh, watching this is more nerve-racking than seeing a group of skydivers play Quidditch in the air (which actually happened, BTW). This couldn’t be farther from my idea of fun, but if hot air balloon rides and skydiving are on your bucket list, may the force be with you. Meanwhile, I’ll be happy to hear all about it — from the comfort of my couch.