SkunkLock is a genius invention for bike owners everywhere

Being a regular bike rider isn’t easy; you’re ostensibly trying to do a good thing not just for yourself, but for the nebulous “social good,” but at least in the United States, there are a few things that make being a biker a little bit harder. But beyond driver and pedestrian traffic, there’s also the matter of bike theft — the art of locking your bike is one that every bike owner has to master, but even the most elaborate bike lock setup isn’t a full guarantee.

Enter SkunkLock, a new crowd-sourced bike lock that, true to its source of inspiration, releases a nasty, vomit-inducing odor when you try to cut into it.


The most common way thieves purloin bicycles is by cutting through locks, which can vary from the U locks we all know and love to hate to chains and other more complicated, sometimes even electronic, contraptions. What SkunkLock touts is a noxious and, according to them, legal blend of gases that are activated after the lock’s been cut into a certain amount. And once that stinky soup is let out, chances are that your bike’s would-be thief literally won’t have the stomach to see their theft through.

Now, we have to wonder as to the overall stink cloud released by a SkunkLock; could other people around the bike theft be exposed to the chemicals? But the immediate impact of the gross smell would definitely be on the person closest to the lock, and maybe they take on the majority of the chemicals’ impact. Whatever the case, this chemical component is actually the last resort of what the SkunkLock founders claim is the strongest U lock on the market, regardless of its stinky surprise.

While the total number and black market value of bike thefts is difficult to pin down because of the under reported nature of the crime and well, the secrecy of the black market, we all know someone, or have been the person, who’s lost their bike to theft. SkunkLock intrigues, and we both can’t wait to and are wary of seeing one out on the streets one day.