Skrillex featuring . . . Katie Couric? Oh yes, it happened!

Today in sweet surprises: Katie Couric sang with Skrillex about maple syrup.

The mega journalist interviewed EDM icon for her latest Yahoo! News installment “Conversations With Katie.”

During the extended interview, Skrillex discusses everything from his exhausting tour schedule (he played a whopping 323 shows in 2011) to his father’s commitment to Scientology. He even gave his two cents on the forthcoming EDM-themed film We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron. Spoiler alert: He thinks it looks cheesy.

But before closing out the interview, Katie wandered into Skrillex’s studio and ended up in front of a microphone. After Katie expressed her reservations about singing, Skrillex warmed up the space by uttering the words “Ooh, I got a marshmallow,” into the autotuned mic.

Her response? “Maple syrup.”

Katie sounded like a heavenly combination of Enya and a harmonic robot — proof that autotune is truly magical.

“It’s a festival smash,” he says. “It’s for the children.”

Seriously, though — we wouldn’t mind a real-deal Katie Couric collaboration. We actually like the idea of esteemed journalists voicing EDM tracks. And go to the last two minutes of the vid if you just wanna see Katie’s moment.

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