This clothing item could make you happier, according to science

Do you adore your skinny jeans and wear them all the time? Do you scoff at boot cut denim and skip flares of all kinds? Well, a new study suggests there may be a scientific reason why you feel so great in your tight-fitted denim. That’s right—science.

A new study conducted by Qualtrics, a survey company, released some information about their surgery that suggests people who wear skinny jeans are up to 9% happier than people who wear any other kind of jeans. Who knew?

The study also shows that people who wear skinny jeans are about 12% more likely to describe themselves as either very confident or extremely confident, and that you are more likely to wear skinny jeans if you live in a big city like Los Angeles or New York City than you are if you live in a small town. This is all very interesting stuff, but I think it’s worth asking the big question: Why? Why do skinny jeans seem to make people happier?

I think it has to do with body confidence, like the survey seems to support. Skinny jeans let women flaunt their curves without hiding any of their perceived “imperfections,” and so it has to be a confidence booster for women who want to feel good about their bodies. Alternately, it may be that people who wear skinny jeans are just more likely to feel confident about their bodies to begin with. But that’s a cynical way to look at life.

I think the lesson here for all women is to love your body and express confidence in what you wear, whether it’s skinny jeans, an exciting new fashion trend, or a two-piece bathing suit. Stepping out of your comfort zone to wear styles and trends that may require more confidence can give you more confidence! Love your body at any size or shape, and maybe haul out some skinny jeans to give yourself an instant confidence and happiness jolt!

Qualtrics also included some other strange statistics and conclusions about the skinny jeans survey: like those people who wear skinny jeans prefer to sit on the aisle seat on a plane, and that as much as a third of skinny-jean wearers ride motorcycles. I don’t know what to make of that, except that I wear skinny jeans on the regular and have never ridden a motorcycle. But maybe it’s time to change that?

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