TikTok Is Making Boob Skincare Go Viral—Here’s Why

Derms are all for it.

TikTok is a reliable source of inspiration if you’re looking for a beauty hack or life-changing product—whether it involves using a green paste to cancel redness or uncovering a $4 color-changing lipstick that’s your new go-to. However, the latest TikTok viral beauty trend stopped us in our tracks: Skincare for boobs. According to TikTok, and the two dermatologists we interviewed, the answer is a resounding yes. Keep reading for why your skincare routine shouldn’t end at the neckline. 

Do you need skincare for boobs?

It all started when a TikTok video from the organic skincare line, Truly, went viral for its Acai Your Boobie Bundle. The three-step collection contains products formulated to smooth the chest and firm your breasts, and while the colorful formulas and cheeky TikTok video are double take-worthy, it struck a bigger conversation about skincare for boobs. 

As board-certified dermatologist and founder of OptiSkin, Orit Markowitz, M.D., explains taking care of the skin around your chest isn’t a new concept. “The skin on the upper chest, also known as décolleté, is very delicate and is one of the first places on your body that can show the signs of aging,” she says. “The skin here is thinner than the face and doesn’t have as much supportive tissue.” It also has fewer sebaceous glands, which means it’s an area that’s prone to dryness and, thus, wrinkles.

What’s more, when any part of the body is exposed to UV rays over time, there is a breakdown of dermal collagen. And because the chest is an area that’s exposed often, it’s especially important to consider protecting it. New York City-based dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, M.D. says that he sees a lot of sun damage on the chest, especially around the V-neck area.

What are the benefits of using skincare for boobs?

Because the skin is thin and drier than on other areas of your body, having the extra hydration could help keep your chest looking young and healthy for longer. “It’s important to have a skincare routine for this area to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin cancer,” adds Dr. Goldbenberg.

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Taking care of your chest area doesn’t just have to be about prevention, though. It can help with issues such as acne. Dr. Goldbenberg says that for that reason, teenagers could benefit from a chest-specific skincare routine with ingredient such as salicylic acid.

What types of products should you have in your boob-specific skincare routine?

Dr. Goldenberg says it all starts with sunscreen. “It’s the most important ingredient of a chest skincare routine,” he says, adding that a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 should be sufficient for everyday use while SPF 50 and above should be used if you’ll be faced with intense, prolonged sun exposure.

He recommends a combination of physical and chemical blockers. “Physical blockers work quickly but may not last as long, while chemical blockers take time to work but their effects last a bit longer than physical blockers,” he notes. That being said, the best sunscreen is one that has a formula you’re willing to tolerate and reapply as needed.

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When it comes to the rest of your chest care routine, creams, boob masks, and serums containing humectants help keep the area hydrated. Dr. Markowitz says to also look for growth serums, which are helpful with repair, and Argan oil, which is enriched with nourishing vitamin E and can be effective at removing dead skin buildup and improving circulation.

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Lastly, because this area of the skin is thin, sensitive, and prone to irritation-caused discoloration, avoid exfoliating with harsh ingredients. Instead of AHAs and BHAs, stick with natural ingredients that provide a gentle exfoliation (think: papaya enzymes, vitamins C and E, and green tea).