The most-searched skin condition in your state will likely make you nod your head

Have you ever spent weeks trying to figure out why your the state of your skin has suddenly become super oily, super dry, or just plain bratty? Trying to decipher the clues your skin is giving you is akin to mapping the universe, a scary challenge for, well, all of us. Plus, with the changing of seasons and other factors, that makes figuring out exactly what’s going on with your skin even more difficult.

With the above in mind, we tend to look to Google for answers. In fact, online specialty skincare boutique Skinfo recently released a study showing the top skin searches in each state (proving that we’re not alone in our skin-based queries). As for the map they compiled with the results – it’s seriously fascinating.

Check it out below:


The study confirms quite a few environment-based patterns that actually make a lot of sense. For instance, the study found that Rosacea was the top search in states such as those in New England, Montana, and Oregon, due to there being a high population of people of Celtic and Scandinavian descent, in which Rosacea is prevalent.

Additionally, states with hot climates like California, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia had oily skin or enlarged pores as their top searches. This trend is certainly common in places where heat and humidity are prevalent.

In addition to common environmental and heredity trends, Skinfo also found that states known for gambling had search trends not consistent with the state’s environment. According to the study,

“Active indoor lifestyles may be the source of skin problems in Nevada and New Jersey. These two states, home to gambling hot spots Las Vegas and Atlantic City, see a large number of Google searches for dark circles under the eyes, which can be caused by a lack of sleep.

When it comes to skin issues, people often feel like they’re the only ones with a particular condition. Fortunately, this proves otherwise!

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