9 Trending SKIMS Dupes to Squeeze Into Right Now

From bras to bodysuits and "that" viral dress, we've got you (UN)covered with SKIMS lookalike pieces.

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Few things garner nearly 300 million views on TikTok. But one thing that does, is the hundreds of videos tagged with the hashtag #SKIMSDUPES. It’s no surprise, since anything Kim Kardashian touches turns to gold.

While the pieces from her signature SKIMS line (which includes everything from bras and body shapers to loungewear, PJ’s and swimsuits) sell out faster than a Harry Styles concert, another company out there is scrambling to make something similar.

The company, which is now valued at 3.2 billion, says Forbes, continuously cranks out desirable merch, due to its great quality, chic styling (utilizing printed lace and faux leather), size inclusivity, multiple skin-tone variations, and comfort. But, like most other things, you get what you pay for, and the SKIMS line isn’t within everybody’s budget.


Not to mention, you’re lucky if you don’t end up on the waitlist. The “Boyfriend Collection” had a 60,000 person waitlist when it launched in 2020, according to WWD. , and a 2021 collab with Fendi sent buyers into a frenzy.

But you don’t have to wait next time you see one of your faves is sold out. Peep these nine trending SKIMS dupes you can squeeze into right now.

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1. The viral dress

Let’s just call it the “new” housecoat. And this body-con style simply ‘aint your grandma’s housecoat. While SKIMS’ lounge dresses will run you $80, there’s a dupe at Target for half that price.

2. The soft cozy pants

Kim K is always in these soft, cozy pants, which are currently sold out in most sizes and colors. But we found an almost exact replica at Rue21 for $10.

3. The tank bodysuit

One of SKIMS’ signature pieces is the basic “Fits Everybody” bodysuit. Amazon has a dupe just like it for $16.99, and it even has a built-in bra.

4. The catsuit

Meowwww… Kim’s not afraid to show off her curves, and I believe she’s partly responsible for this catsuit moment we’ve been having of late. While SKIMS’ one-piece body-hugging wonder will set you back $128, Old Navy has this copycat for $39.

5. Long-sleeve bodysuit

This “Essential” bodysuit is versatile and can go with everything from jeans, to joggers, to a skirt. But at SKIMS, it’ll cost you around $78. Zara has this look-a-like version for $25.

6. The bralette

This $32 “Sculpting Bralette” went viral for its ultimate seamless comfort, but as TikToker @itsnanacastro shows, you can get a similar one for just $10 from Hanes’ brand Bali for $17.

7. The cropped top

This cotton-jersey cropped tee is a fan-favorite, but priced at $48, is just a bit too steep for a basic. We found a knockoff at both Shein for $6 and H&M for just $12.

8. Seamless thongs

Influencer @CharlotteLouiseTaylor hilariously tells viewers she wears the seamless thongs because her “a*s likes to swallow up underwear,” and anyone with a tiny waist and big booty can relate. (Writer’s note: *sheepishly raises hand*),

SKIMS’ makes these “Naked Dipped” thongs for $16 a pair, but Taylor recommends a very similar style from British-retailer Primark, which gives you a set of three for just over $6.

9. Faux leather leggings


Faux leather leggings are a staple, and this pair by SKIMS is completely sold out. But have no fear, we found you an exact replica from Shein for $9. That’s right, $9.

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