This woman’s rough sketch of her missing truck got her car back

Zaire Salazar Medina was shopping at a market in Hermosillo, Mexico when she returned to the parking lot to discover her 1991 Nissan pickup truck was missing. That’s obviously an awful feeling, so she took to Facebook to ask her friends to help find it. Except one problem — she didn’t have a picture of the truck (which totally makes sense), so instead she posted a sketch she did of the truck. And then the Internet went crazy.

The hand drawn sketch quickly went viral on Facebook, because apparently people think sketches are hilarious. Everyone thought the picture was so fantastically bad, they started making memes of the car in different scenarios. Because of course they did.

The ridicule of her photo got so bad she had to shut her Facebook profile down. So not only was she dealing with her missing truck, she was dealing with Internet trolls. But it was all worth it, because after searching tirelessly for her car, she received a call from a woman telling her the truck had been seen at a local market before it was towed and impounded by the police. Salazar Medina finally got her car back thanks her infamous drawing. But it didn’t end there. Chevrolet Monclova caught wind of the ordeal and offered Salazar Medina the chance to win a brand new truck. All she had to do was get one million people to like a promotional video Chevrolet posted on their Facebook page. And guess what? She did.//