Skeleton makeup looks for Halloween that are completely breathtaking

No ideas for Halloween? There’s always the good old go-to of a skeleton. And with the advent of social media comes an array of how-to’s as well as a showcase of major MUA magic. With good makeup and tools, you can turn your skeleton into a glam queen, a drag queen, an undead bombshell, a hiphop star, a damsel of deception… the possibilities are endless, especially with a little talent.

For a basic skeleton look, all you’ll need is some light foundation, black liquid eyeliner, black eyeshadow, an eyeshadow brush, white eyeliner and an angled eyeliner brush. But here we’ve compiled some hauntingly fascinating inspiration to guide you as far into the catacombs as you’d like to go.

Half dead, wholly gorgeous

All a glow

Never thought we’d hear ourselves say we want “pinned skin”…

…but we do.

Hand to mouth

As above, so below

Ghostly bedazzlings

Our eyes deceive us.


Within us all

Crystal skull

Dead drag race

Pikachu from the grave

The best Day of the Dead makeup we’ve seen.


We want to be this woman, not just for Halloween, but every day!

Pair the looks above with a skeleton dress and some spooky accessories, and you’ll be gooOOOoood to gooOOOooo (said like a ghost). ?

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