Bulldog skateboards through tunnel of human legs, breaks world record we didn’t know existed

We here at HelloGiggles love dogs. Love them. In fact, we’ve covered lots of stories about doing incredible (or at the very least insanely cute things). Like the dog that can’t stop obsessing over his favorite Disney movie, or the police K9 that’s a pro at rappelling , or even the adorable dachshund who won’t give up until he gets his teddy bear inside his pet carrier. But we’ve never seen anything like Otto, the beyond-talented bulldog who just broke a Guinness World Record.

3-year-old Otto lives in Peru with his humans, Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards who taught him to skateboard because, well, do you really need a reason? During this year’s Guinness World Record’s Day in Lima, the dog broke the record for skateboarding down the longest human tunnel ever. It’s impressive enough that the slobbery pup can skateboard, but doing it between dozens of pairs of legs (30 to be exact) AND winning a world record? This dog has us amazed.

At the end of his spectacular feat, he was presented with an award to show off to all the other pups at the dog park.

The English bulldog’s impressive skills don’t stop there, by the way. He also knows how to surf and skimboard. Chances are this isn’t the last we’ve heard of young Otto. Watch the jaw-dropping trick below:

(Image via YouTube)