The three Skarsgård brothers made a joint appearance, and they are basically the ~moody~ Hemsworths

When we think of Hollywood brother dynasties, the Hemsworths come to mind. Maybe the Jonas brothers. Maybe the Wayans. Maybe the Francos. Probably the Baldwins. But let’s be real, the Hemsworths are the premiere Hollywood brother crew, but they might have some competition.

We’d like to introduce: the Skarsgårds. We’re calling them the ~moody~ Hemsworth brothers.

You all know Alexander Skarsgård, from being absolutely terrifying on Big Little Lies, and being pretty damn sexy in well, everything else.

His brother Gustaf is also an actor, best known for Vikings and an upcoming role on Westworld.


And now the world is getting reacquainted with Bill Skarsgård, who stars as Pennywise the clown in the new film It.


All three brothers turned up to the It premiere to support Bill, and it was one of the first times we realized there were so many Skarsgårds.


For such handsome Swedish brothers, they sure play terrifying characters.

But it got us thinking, these three are like the moodier, edgier, Nordic version of the Hemsworths.





Lot of white guys with blue eyes up in here.

There are actually more than three Skarsgårds. The entire Skarsgård sibling lineup includes Alexander (actor), Gustaf (actor), Bill (actor), Valter (actor, but mostly in Sweden), Sam (doctor), and Eija (model).

Shoutout to sister Eija, the model in the family, for being equally moody AND beautiful.

And that is your guide to the moody Hemsworths, err, we mean Skarsgårds.