People feel the need to comment on the size of Kate Middleton’s baby bump

After announcing in August that she and husband Prince William are expecting their third child, Kate Middleton debuted her baby bump for the first time yesterday at Buckingham Palace. Middleton looked stunning in a blue lace dress and seemed happy and healthy despite her struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe morning sickness condition.

Though it was a relief to see Kate out and about after being debilitated for the past few weeks, many fans of the royal family were hung up on the size of her baby bump, rather than the fact that she has regained her health. Instagram users took to the comments section of the recent Kensington Palace Instagram posts from the World Mental Health Day Buckingham Palace reception.





As pointed out, expecting mothers never really want to hear comments about the size of their bump — no matter how big or small it is. Middleton is still in the early stages of her pregnancy, and criticism or questioning the validity of her pregnancy is really uncalled for.

Luckily, other royal family fans were also flooding the comments with supportive words and well wishes for Princess Kate.





kate-middleton-comment-nine.png reported via anonymous sources that Middleton was forced to reveal her pregnancy to the public early due to her absence at events (caused by her hyperemesis gravidarum).

And while we still await news of a due date, we’re sending our support and well wishes Middleton’s way. She’s a trooper for stepping out while dealing with HG, and we hope her symptoms continue to lessen.