These six women got the best revenge on the dude who tried to set dates with all of them on the same night

Sometimes something so strange happens that it can only be real. We’re about to tell you the story of a girl who went out on a date, only to find out her date had scheduled five other dates for the same night. Girl, yes.

So Lisette Pylant of Washington, D.C. was set up on a date with some guy. She was trying to get over her ex, so her friends set her up. Pylant shows up to the bar and isn’t really feeling it. That happens. Turns out, it wasn’t just a blah date, it was going to become the weirdest date she’d ever been on.

Forty-five minutes into their date, another woman shows up.

So now Lisette and Katie are conspiring together about how crazy it is that they got double booked on this date.

Then, ANOTHER GIRL shows up.

Bonus: The writer of John Tucker Must Die responded to her tweet about needing to “[John Tucker] Must Die this shit.”

Back to the story. The three girls decide to get out of there.

But not before the dude wondered if Pylant was mad. Lol, uhm, probably dude.

So now we have THREE women all triple booked with this ridiculous man when a FOURTH date shows up. By now, the three girls are across the street at a new bar.

And then date #5 arrived.

Apparently, girl #4 actually went through with the date and didn’t immediately bounce once she learned what was up. Thankfully, the girl squad got to her in time.

We’re wondering what kind of person sets up six dates in one evening. Apparently, someone who considers themselves “efficient.”

“Pre-date conversations.” 

The best part of this story is that the girls all gained a group of new friends.

Cheers to that!