Six Flags’ new virtual reality roller coasters will make you actually feel like you’re flying

Roller coasters are about to get even more thrilling. USA Today reports that this spring, Six Flags is turning nine roller coasters across nine different parks into virtual reality coasters. Not like simulators: You’ll be riding the actual roller coaster while wearing virtual reality headgear, making it a completely heightened experience… literally.

Nine roller coasters will be repurposed to take passengers on hyperrealistic rides in alternate realities. The alternate reality is, of course, dependent on the roller coaster. For example, on “Superman: The Ride,” while wearing a VR headset, you’ll get a tour of the City of Metropolis. Other rides that will get the VR treatment: Dare Devil Dive, Shockwave, Steamin’ Demon, and The Great Escape.

The virtual reality will start before the train even leaves the station. Once seated with a headset on, passengers will have a 360-degree, 3-D view of the alternate reality.

It’s pretty hard to fight fake battles without fake guns, so the headgear will include video game-style controllers to fire virtual bullets — but you’ll only be able to fire your weapons as the trains ascend the hills. You know, when things are slow and boring and not throwing your body every which way.

So in just a couple of weeks, this could be YOU:

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