All those things only sisters understand

Having a sister isn’t just having a built-in best friend — it’s more than that. There are things only sisters understand about each other. Being a sister is a full-time job that walks a fine line between love and hate. One day you want to tear her hair out and the next you can’t wait to go shopping with her. If you aren’t a sister, this dynamic might appear confusing. But to female siblings around the world, they just get it. It’s an undeniable and unexplainable relationship. And nothing comes close to it.

Here are seven things that only sisters understand, as illustrated by the Tanner sisters.What it really feels like to get an honest opinion

Thanks to your sister, you’ll always know when those pants should be burned and when your roots needs to be dyed. Honesty is the best policy, and actually the only policy sisters know. Even though sometimes the truth hurts, she has your best interest in mind. You love and hate her for this. It stings a little when she tells you that guy you’re dating is a jerk, but you know deep down inside you need to hear it. And more importantly, she’s right. (How is she always right?!) Sisters know how to be honest in life, because they’ve had to speak the hard truths. They may not always be gentle with how they say it, and it doesn’t always come at the best time — but, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to truth coming from anybody else but your sister.

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