These famous sisters replied to a body shamer in the most badass way possible

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The thing about body positivity is that it applies to all body types – no matter what their size, shape, or color. As long as someone is healthy and happy in their own skin, that is all that matters. To remind of us this important fact, we have Australian pop punk duo/sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso (aka, The Veronicas): two women who will not stand for body shaming of any kind.

Earlier this week, on their official Facebook page, the sisters posted a stunning photo of themselves. In response, one commentor felt the need to skinny shame Lisa and Jessica by writing, “Omg! EAT SOMETHING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! I’ll pay for the food.

After reading the above statement, The Veronicas were more than willing to take the commentor up on his offer. Their impeccable response:


And don’t think the sisters were willing to forget about all of this. “This troll better follow through and buy me all my damn groceries!” Jessica tweeted. “I got food to make, don’t keep me waitin’.

While this is definitely an empowering response to body shaming, it isn’t the first time The Veronicas have spoken out in the name of inspiring others to realize that health and size aren’t mutually exclusive. Last year, Jessica wrote an entire post on the topic. “Now I am HAPPY and HEALTHY. Still skinny. Yes. But I have always been skinny. I haven’t always been healthy,” she explained. “And you know what else? I am PROUD to inspire young people to gain a NEW understanding of HEALTH / BALANCE in their life!

Jessica beautifully concluded that everyone’s body is different. “I’ll never be Kim Kardasidan [SIC]. And I’ll never be a 6ft super model,” she stated. “Some people will never have my body type. But we’re not meant to compare our power in this life to others bodies. Our power lay in OUR choices. And I chose happiness, health, balance and integrity.” Preach, sister!

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