Two awesome sisters are now famous thanks to a McDonald’s McFlurry

Doing something accidentally funny is pretty cool, but doing something accidentally funny in front of 40 MILLION PEOPLE is downright intense. Accidental Vine stars Lauren and Joanne Lavoie uploaded a brief clip of Joanne choking on a McFlurry spoon (don’t worry, she didn’t actually choke) while Lauren recorded it — Lauren told Buzzfeed that she held on to the clip for three days before she uploaded it to Vine because she wasn’t even sure if it was funny.

But as soon as she did (thank god!), the post, titled “I tapped the breaks [sic],” attracted thousands upon thousands of likes (100,000 in 24 hours). It also appeared in the crazy realm of Reddit, and was featured on Tosh.O. That’s HUGE. “I still can’t believe that some of my favorite Viners and YouTubers have liked it. I think even Kendall Jenner re-Vined it a while ago,” Lauren stated.

So, what’s so funny about the Vine? Um, everything. The fact that two girls are so shameless about their innate (and wonderful) awkwardness and spontaneity is refreshing and relatable. I mean, who HASN’T almost swallowed a McFlurry spoon? Or at least choked on their own spit or drooled chocolate sauce all over their shirt? Just me? Okay!

Lauren tells Buzzfeed, “Since it blew up so rapidly it was a lot to take in, and I still can’t fathom the fact that almost 40 million people have watched me almost swallow a McDonald’s spoon.” Since discovering this hilarious SNAFU, all we’ve been doing all day is clicking through the sisters’ Vine account, which is filled with LOL-worthy gems. Please keep posting, ladies! We’re loving every awkward, outrageously candid second.

Image via Lauren Lavoie