The hilarious sisters/writing partners behind the all-female ’21 Jump Street’

We just found out that the sister-writing team Wendy and Lizzie Molyneaux have been tapped to write a script for the all-female 21 Jump Street reboot. Wendy (older sister) and Lizzie (younger sister) have been writing for the animated show Bob’s Burgers since 2011 (if you haven’t experienced the wonder and the beauty that is BB, drop everything and get thee to your Hulu account!). They started out as the show’s story editors and quickly moved through the ranks to become co-producers. Super deserved.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, the sisters also have written a screenplay for Hot Stuff. Hot Stuff is based on the Harvey Comics character Hot Stuff the Little Devil who, like his fellow Harvey Comics characters Casper the Friendly Ghost and Wendy the Good Little Witch, is a character who is supposed to be spooky, but can’t help being sweet. Delving deeper into the Molyneaux’ work: The sisters’ original screenplay My Sister is Marrying a Douchebag landed on the 2009 Black List for best un-produced screenplays. Spark Notes: There is a whole lot of writing talent in these genes.

Older sister Wendy worked on The Megan Mullally Show as a staff writer and inspired younger sister Lizzie to also take a stab at scribing. After a bout of unemployment (which, to hear them tell the tale, involved a LOT of snack-eating), they went out together to interview on Bob’s Burger’s and the rest is comedy history.

As the two explained in an interview with KQED, becoming comedy writing partners made tons of sense, as the ladies have always been super tight and super down to crack each other up.

“Growing up, I think we had a very close bond. I was younger than Wendy, so hanging out with her always meant getting to do cool older kid stuff, which I enjoyed a lot,” Lizzie explained. “We both really liked movies and joking around, so we were always really good friends. I think I always wanted to try to be funny like she was; I’m kind of still trying to do that.”

“And I’m trying to be funny like Lizzie,” Wendy added. “This sounds like the promising start of a body switching movie. Two sisters, switchin’ bodies – Twisters. In theaters this fall!”

Throughout the KQED interview the sisters literally do not stop complimenting each other. Lizzie says ” . . . I do think Wendy is pretty much the funniest person I know, so if I can make her laugh, I know I’m doing OK. And I want her to laugh at my jokes because I’m selfish and needy!”

“Really, I do happen to think Lizzie is the best,” Wendy replies. “This interview is just going to be me and Lizzie complimenting each other for five pages. Sorry. SHE IS MY SISTER AND I LOVE HER.”

More things that makes us love these sisters? They share an office and bring their dogs to work, they won an Emmy last year for their work on Bob’s Burgers, and Wendy just got a little bit Internet-famous for raising more than $30,000 for cancer research after publicly stating that she did NOT want to see the Entourage movie, and would only go if she was coerced by $10,000 worth of donations to her cause of choice.

We are very excited for the ladies to be the brains behind a lady-minded 21 Jump Street. There is a smidge of a catch: Sony actually has another writing team also in mind, Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs (who write for another one of our faves, Broad City). We imagine it’s more than a little bit stressful to compete in a bake-off to write a movie. We wish both writing teams the best of luck, and are so glad that this news intro’d us to this amaze sister unit.

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