Amen! There’s a ‘Sister Act’ reboot coming

Sassy nuns. Whoopi Goldberg’s hair. The entire “I Will Follow Him” scene. Guys, I’ll say it: Sister Act is a perfect movie. It even has a perfect sequel, and thrived as a Tony-nominated Broadway show a few years back. Sister Act is so good, I’m going to need my homegirl Anne T. Donahue to organize an Old Lady Movie Night, stat.

And that isn’t even getting into Sister Act 2, which features the one and only Lauryn Hill as the fierce Rita Watson, whose rendition of “His Eye Is On the Sparrow” will leave you straight up weeping.

If you’re a fellow Sister Act lover, hold on to your habit, because the 1992 film is getting a reboot! According to The Hollywood Reporter, our beloved nun-powered musical is getting a reimagining in the near future. But since the project was just announced, details on what it will look like are scarce. Will it pick up where the story left off? Will there be a completely new cast? Will Sister Mary Patrick be there to make clever asides?

There isn’t much news on the casting front yet, but we said a prayer in hopes that at least Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith would sign on board. Maybe even Lauryn Hill? Pretty please?

We do know that Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah (of 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde and more) are on board as writers, and that Alli Shearmur (of the live-action Cinderella) will produce. Besides that, we don’t know much else—except that we’ll be dancing in the aisles come opening night! Now let’s all join hands and watch this video clip that pretty accurately explains how we feel about this news:

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