Siri will tell you who Jon Snow’s father is if you ask

**Warning spoilers ahead thanks to Siri.**

Now that we all know Lyanna is Jon Snow’s mother AND who Jon Snow’s father officially is, it’s fun to see who else knew about this “secret” all along – namely our favorite Game of Thrones fan / iOS assistant, Siri.

And it turns out, if you ask Siri nicely who Jon Snow’s father is, she’ll tell you in her classically cryptic way.

At first, she may be coy.

And then she may make a nod to the Targaryen family sigil.

Or make a reference only keen Thrones watchers would remember.


In Season 5, Episode 4, “Sons of the Harpy,” Ser Barristan Selmy (the former knight of the Kingsguard who was dismissed by Joffrey) tells Daenerys about how her brother Rhaegar liked to “walk among the people and sing to them.”

But finally, Siri will re-confirm our favorite fan theory.


And it turns out Siri has actually known about this FACT before we even did. Check out this tweet from the official Thrones account from earlier this week. false

Consider our ravens sent.

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