This simple request gets Siri to beatbox—no, really

We already knew that Siri was kind of a sass pot but apparently the little concierge at your fingertips has another hidden skill: She can beatbox. Not better than Justin Timberlake, but in fairness, he’s got skills with which most mere mortals can’t compare.

When you ask Siri to beatbox for you (go ahead, we’ll wait), she treats you to a slurry of “cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots.” Why this phrase? It’s the one people use when they’re learning to beatbox, adding emphasis to the consonants on each word. We know you now want to give that a try also, so go ahead! It works!

This trick has been around for a hot minute, but it’s the latest of Siri’s ongoing easter eggs to go viral. All these hot tips will have us asking Siri off the wall questions for the rest of the week, to find out what other talents she’s got that we’ve yet to uncover. We’re starting with knitting tips and getting stranger from there.

One thing Siri won’t do? Tell you anything about the iPhone 7 or it’s rumored lack of a headphone jack. Siri doesn’t do spoilers. She’s all about boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats.

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[Image via HelloGiggles]