Sir Ian McKellen is actually really upset he’s not in the latest X-Men movie

The next X-Men film will be in theaters soon and three men who have been a staple of the franchise sat down for comedian BBC’s The Graham Norton Show. During the candid discussion, Sir Ian McKellen expressed sadness that he wouldn’t be appearing in Logan alongside Hugh Jackman.

The interview might be one of the most adorable on the planet and is a must-watch for any fan of The X-Men franchise — or just a fan of watching Sir Ian McKellen tease Hugh Jackman, because who doesn’t want to watch that on loop all day?


Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. In the discussion between the three actors on The Graham Norton Show, Jackman mentioned to Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart how starstruck he was while filming the first film of the franchise, which was released was back in 2000. That was Hugh’s first film if you can believe it!

When asked why he doesn’t appear in the latest X-Men film, McKellen jokes that he “sometimes cries himself to sleep” because he doesn’t appear in Logan. But then admits that he doesn’t actually know why he isn’t in the film. We are wondering the same thing actually! It’d be great to see Magneto and Wolverine face off one last time since they have such a rich history.

Watch this segment where Ian jokes about Professor X dying and being in love with Hugh Jackman:

If I had as much fun with my co-workers as these guys did, I’d be wishing I had been in the film as well. Catch Logan in theaters on March 3rd and just imagine how much fun it would’ve been on set if Sir Ian McKellen had been there!