Sir David Attenborough narrating Adele’s “Hello” video is the best thing since…Adele’s “Hello” video

Hello. It’s Sir David Attenborough. And he’s wondering if you’re interested in watching his own Adele parody video, where he narrates the opening scene of the “Hello” music video? You don’t have to call out for this one a thousand times, because it’s already here.

Stopping by BBC Radio 1 for a chat the other day, the legendary voice actor Sir David Attenborough — who you might know best from his work on the BBC’s Life series, which he both produced and narrated — has shared his voice on Adele’s latest track. No, it’s not like he grabbed the mic and started belting it out (like we all currently do every single day). Rather, he was asked to narrate the opening part of her video. The part where she rolls up to the house and pulls out her hashtag, flip phone.

Know those literal movie trailer parodies we sometimes see? This video is kinda like that, except with Attenborough’s nature terminology mixed in. Adele is referenced as a “lesser spotted” creature, so seeing her in her natural habitat is a rare treat. He’s basically narrating a day in the life of the world’s most famous pop star, and it’s all happening through her green-sepia tinted lens. Here she is, “battling against strong winds and the weight of expectations,” ready to emerge into the daylight once again.

We still might not be fully prepared to deal with the force that is Adele, but we’re totally ready for this parody. Check out Attenborough video below, and let’s hope he does this for every track on 25.

(Image via YouTube.)

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