Sio Beauty launched an overnight facial as an alternative option to getting a face-lift

Normally, when I imagine a face-lift, it involves a face full of bandages, and a painful recovery process aided by strong cocktails. However, when I attended the NYC-based launch event for SiO Beauty’s new overnight facial treatments, both the launch experience and the products themselves were pain-free. SiO Beauty adviser and celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman gave us the lowdown on the exciting new development: an overnight facial.

Those familiar with the brand may already know about their popular overnight boob treatments, the SiO Skinpad, an overnight oclusive silicone treatment pad you apply to your chest to soften and prevent cleavage wrinkles. Basically, you adhere the pad to your décolleté at night, and it not only keeps skin in place (from wrinkling), but also creates an overnight firming and moisturizing microclimate.

Following the success of their SiO Skinpads, Dr. Engelman worked with founder Gigi Howard on a set of overnight silicone pads for the neck and face.

While speaking at the launch, Howard shared that after months of research, SiO was finally ready to launch their new overnight collection.

The new line features the NeckLift, Browlift, Smile +Eye Lift, and the inventive full Facelift set. The science behind the new overnight facial and neck pads is the same as the décolleté treatment: creating an atmosphere where your skin is moisturized and firmly tightened overnight. Each of the sets include cleansing pads to prepare your skin, and the designs are meant to be comfortable for sleeping in.

One of the big ideas behind these patches is to make facelift treatments accessible to women of all economic backgrounds.

Both Howard and Dr. Engelman made it clear that they hope these overnight facial and neck treatments can provide options to women who can’t afford surgery (or don’t want the invasiveness of surgery). Each patch is sold individually and can be used 15 times.

Here are the four new products.

Necklift Patch, $27


Smile+Eye Lift, $15


Browlift, $27


Facelift, $50


The all-inclusive Facelift set includes one browlift pad, two smile + eye pads and a necklift all for $50.

For women who already have a decent amount of wrinkling, Howard said it will take a few months of regular (nightly) treatment for their wrinkles to be smoothed away. However, she shared that results are visible after just one night’s use. For younger women, she said it’s a great preventive moisturizing treatment.

Certainly, the decision to pursue a full-on face lift is one that requires both ample funds and acceptance of the risks that come with surgery. These treatment pads give us a middle ground between surgery and regular nightly moisturizing.

But more importantly, regardless of whether or not they’re up your alley — it’s always fascinating to see new developments in the skin care industry.

The vibe at the launch event was very casual, and more about giving women options than pressuring or prescribing anyone with another mandatory skincare routine. Given the pressures put on women to look forever young and flawless, I appreciated this approach.

It’s only natural for our skin to crease and gain wrinkles, that’s a sign of being alive! But it’s also fun to baby ourselves. Now there’s another option for when you get that urge.

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